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January 11, 2017


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The most interesting point in all of this for me is that Microsoft support didn't understand it as a setting, but instead as a bug.

I've sent a link to your post to some people on the search team at Microsoft. Maybe they can tighten up that knowledge base.


Oliver Bartholdson

Wow! Really interesting find. Somehow I've always missed this option in the query too. Thanks for posting!

Oliver Bartholdson

I found this description of the process:

During content processing, for every item being processed, FAST Search for SharePoint will obtain the value of title and the first 1024 bytes of body for this item, and use it to compute a numerical checksum that will be used as a document signature. This checksum is stored in the property documentsignature for every item processed.

During query time, whenever “Remove Duplicate Results” is enabled, the Search Center tells FAST Search for SharePoint to collapse results using the documentsignature property, effectively eliminating any duplicates for items that have the same title+first-1024-bytes-of-body.

When a user clicks on the “Duplicates (n)” link next to an item that has duplicates, another query is submitted to FAST Search for SharePoint, passing as an additional parameter the value of the fcoid managed property for the item selected, which will be used to return all items that contain the same checksum (“the duplicates”).

Nic Betts

Great post Marcel as always.

So its a hangover from the FAST days. 1024 bytes seems a little low to base that checksum on though.


Thanks for sharing this- good information! Keep it up the great work, we look forward to reading more from you in the future!

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